With Donøvan Moran: 

Donøvan is a self-taught musician of 15 years, performing on piano, guitar, bass, synthesizer, kalimba, native flute, charango, djembe, jaw harp, xylophone, and a variety of traditional instruments. He takes a classic approach of theory-based composition while bringing an intuitive and improvisational mindset to create ethereal guided sound journeys.

Donøvan has dedicated his time in North Carolina to teaching music education and appreciation at Jordan Lake School of the Arts, providing lunchtime piano at the Hillcrest Convalescent Center, and leading weekly donation-based sound journey breathwork meditations and monthly live ecstatic dances at the Living Arts Collective in Durham NC.


This experience begins with delicious herbal tea and light breath work before moving to the sound journey taking place on a bass resonance table. The table is designed to let the music from the surrounding speakers vibrate directly through the surface itself, creating a multifaceted sensory experience that is delightfully easy to get lost in.

Donøvan likes to chat briefly with participants to adjust the experience to their needs and comforts. When playing music, he likes to pull from the emotions most present in a person’s life at the time and then adjusts his style to encourage exploring both the challenging aspects of one’s life as well as remembering what relaxes us, surprises us, and brings us joy. At the end of the experience and throughout, he will explain some of his instrumentation, techniques, and equipment as a means of telling his own story and connecting people to an often unfamiliar craft.

The experience lasts for a little over an hour and is flexible depending on group number and requests.

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Private Bookings Available

Book a private experience of your own with friends and family or just treat yourself to a journey toward inner peace. In your inquiry please include dates you would be interested in. DonØvan is flexible in his schedule and excited to bring you to a place of inner tranquility through his sound-guided mediation.


1 on 1 journey starts at $50

Couples journey starts at $100 with cacao chocolate and tulsi tea included

Group journeys start at $75 for up to 3 people with $25 per extra person

Cacao is available upon request with all bookings for an additional $25. Live performance recordings are also available upon advance request for an additional $25.

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