With Laura Gerenser: 

An excerpt from Laura on why she creates…

“I have always been a lover of the arts. In elementary school, I hot glued ribbon rosettes to pinbacks and sold them on the school bus. My mom is probably where I got the ‘crafting gene’ from. When I was little, I set up beside her original watercolors at the local farmers market. Unveiling my first small business; ‘Lu Lu’s Jewelry.’ I was hooked! I loved the idea of sharing my art with the world (a.k.a. the tiniest town in upstate New York) and making some serious money too! (A $20 bill is a big deal to an 8-year-old…)

Then somewhere along the way, this entrepreneurial spirit just kinda died off.

Life happened. I got married. I moved to North Carolina and had a couple of babies. I always had dreams of creating something special involving the arts and the community though. I also had that itch to interact with people that didn’t require me to also wipe their butts. (#momlife) So with the blessing of my husband, I finally just jumped.

Adventures in Bloom is now a brick-and-mortar shop in Downtown Apex. We offer metal-stamped jewelry classes as well as local goods from 30+ makers. My vision with this store is a Communal Space for the Creative Adventurer. A collaborative shop where ideas come to blossom into businesses. I love chatting with makers about not just their craft, but also the business mindset that will help them grow as well.

I like to think that AiB (Adventures in Bloom) is proof there’s never ‘the right time for any beginning. But there’s always another adventure around the corner, and there’s always another opportunity to bloom…”




In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn the basics of stamping on metal to create personalized jewelry and accessories. Laura will guide you through the process and show you all the necessary tools and materials to get started. You will have complete control over your piece and by the end of class Laura will help turn your masterpiece into a finished product to take home. There is also a wide range of stamping options aside from jewelry, such as keychains, bookmarks, ornaments, and more!

You can wear your new piece out of the store, or keep it and give it as a thoughtful custom gift. Children as young as 7 can learn how to metal stamp and Adventures in Bloom hosts birthday parties, ladies nights, and team-building events. This means the whole family can join in on the adventure!


301 South Salem Street Apex, NC, 27502, United States

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Private Booking Available

Book a private workshop of your own for a small gathering of friends or a group activity!

Classes are generally available to book from 10:00 – 4:00 PM on Tues through Thurs, from 10:00 – 6:00 PM Fri & Sat, and then 12:00 – 4:00 PM on Sundays.


$34/person includes a practice piece (Bonus keychain!) and a finished piece of whatever you choose – this can be a necklace, earrings, bookmark, bracelet, ornament – you name it! An “al-a-carte” menu is also available for those that decide they would like to make more than just one piece. Beads and charms can also be added for color and style.

We keep our price points accessible to all, keeping everything under $100 and most items under $20. Shopping local doesn’t have to be out of reach and handmade doesn’t just have to be for special occasions.

The workshop takes approximately 1.5 hours and is held in our Downtown Apex, NC studio. Travel workshops are also available, just ask! Feel free to bring beverages and snacks and enjoy a unique craft experience that even the non-crafty can enjoy.

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