With Daniel Woody: 

Daniel Woody has lived in North Carolina his whole life, and grew up in the quiet town of Oxford, NC. Growing up, he and his brothers explored the woods around his home in hopes of finding entertainment for themselves. As he explored those woods, he began finding things that he could bring home to his family to use for meals. Since then, his love for foraging has grown and he is now a leader of the Raleigh-Triangle Wild Food Foragers organization, and an incredibly seasoned forager and gardener.

Eager to pass on this useful skill and knowledge to anyone interested in the Raleigh area, he has been leading foraging excursions all over the triangle area for years and knows all the best ways to safely and accurately identify what delicious and fun plants and fungi you can find and take home to try for yourself!


On these foraging excursions you will be practicing how to forage seasonal ingredients from the natural landscape. Guided by Daniel, you will spend your time learning how to identify and harvest all sorts of plants and mushrooms which is a great way to feel more connected to nature and even to spice up your dinners in a fun way. The Wake County area used to be home to many farms and different types of vegetation before World War II and some of that vegetation is still here today if you know where to look. These excursions can occur in numerous different parts of the area, with some of the most popular being Lake Raleigh and Umpstead Park.

This experience is available to guests of all ages and is recommended for families and groups of friends that are interested in a unique and educational outting. This will involve moderate physical activity consisting of walking distances up to 2+ miles with hands-on activities and can last between 2-4 hours.

3000 Main Campus Drive Raleigh, NC, 27603, United States

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Book a private tour of your own for a small gathering of friends or group activity! Daniel is available most weekdays and is accommodating for a variety of group sizes, dates, and times. Let us know what dates work best for you and the size of your group in your inquiry.


Foraging experiences are $85 per person attending, with childen under 12 being able to attend for free. Minimum of 2 people per group.

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