With Jeremy and Shelly Norris: 

Since before the days of prohibition the “Broadslab” region has been known for the quality and quantity of home-brewed whiskey. It has often been produced by entrepreneurial farmers who sought to maximize the yields from their farm crops by converting grain into a more “liquid” commodity – white whiskey.

Jeremy Norris, Broadslab owner and master distiller, traced back his family lines in order to capture the rich heritage of the region’s famed moonshine when building Broadslab Distillery. Their recipes are the embodiment of this legacy and were passed down by the great-great grandfathers on both sides of Jeremy’s family. One of them, William “Bill” McLamb, was active in the dawn of the Moonshine trade and distilling smooth, sipping whiskey long before prohibition.

But, it was Jeremy’s grandfather, Leonard A. Wood, who passed on the family recipe. As Jeremy’s mentor and personal advisor, he was integral in building the Broadslab still, but passed away before opening. The Distillery sits in the footprints of many of his still sights and his legacy on the family farm outside Benson, NC.

Now Jeremy and his wife Shelly work together to run their ever-growing operation: offering a variety of moonshine flavors, running their popular local bar, giving tours, and even planning weddings in their gorgeous, self-designed event space.


In this experience you’ll spend some time at Broadslab: North Carolina’s first farm distillery.

Participants will learn about their role in the deep history of farming and distilling of Johnston County, explore the beautiful Broadslab grounds where they grow and then distill all of their own product, and finally taste some of their authentic and deligently crafted moonshine.

In addition to your complimentary tasting, during your visit you can also visit their bar and order up a glass of wine, a beer, or a mixed beverage!

209 North Arendell Avenue Zebulon, NC, 27597, United States

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Tours are available on Fridays and Saturdays at 12pm, 2pm, and 4pm. More flexible times can be available for private groups of 10 or more.


Price is $13.50 per person for a tour and tasting.

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