With Suzy Hasanin: 

Suzy is a lifelong crocheter. She’s been looping threads since a guest speaker in her 2nd grade class placed that glorious hook in her hand back in 2004. Since then, she hasn’t put it down – crocheting everything from mushroom-shaped bags to full blown outfits. Suzy believes that if you can crack the code to the fundamentals, you can crochet anything. And she wants to show you how!


Did you know that you can crochet pretty much anywhere? It’s a wonderful exercise in creativity and mindfulness and all it takes is a single tool and some yarn which require almost no space. To prove that point, we’re creating a series of crocheting workshops in places all over the Raleigh area, from parks, to coffee houses, to clubs with some incredible local crochet artists.

301 Pogue Street Raleigh, NC, 27607

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Price starts at $100 for up to 5 people and includes each person receiving their own crochet hook and bundle of yarn to keep. $20 more for each additional person up to a maximum of 12 people. (Though we may be able to accomodate more with advance notice)

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