With Matthias Payton: 

Matthias is a true artist of tastes and smells. He founded JASPER & GOLD as the gift he wants to share with the world. He has spent years researching how to properly steep tea while extracting flavor from natural botanical ingredients to maximize flavor, nutrients, and quality.

As a black-owned, herbal infusion company, JASPER & GOLD specializes in creating delicious beverage experiences using 3 to 7 organic and all-natural ingredients to promote health, wellness, and superior flavor. Matthias envisions a world where people are able to enjoy their favorite infusion whenever they want while fully experiencing the physical and mental benefits it can bring to their wellbeing.


Begin your experience with a warm and delicious herbal infusion while you learn about the surprising depth of story and artistry that goes into selecting herbs for tea. Matthias will delve into his craft and process for balancing smells and flavors and how each infusion he has created comes from a story, a memory, or a special intention.

Then try it yourself! Whether you want to feel like an herbal artist or a mad alchemist, pack your own infusion from a selection of beautiful dried herbs and ingredients. You can take your infusion home and share it with a friend or enjoy a special moment tasting and smelling something uniquely your own.

Finally, Matthias will lead a short session on how to utilize tea to practice mindfulness. Our lives are busy and loud; the ritual of drinking tea, allowing its sensory components to bring you back to the present, can be a healthy and enjoyable practice that you can perform at any time. Not to mention, the herbs themselves can be great for your body. You will then end the workshop with the centuries-old tradition of chatting over tea. Enjoy the company of another and take a moment to relax!

Grab a ticket for a scheduled workshop or book your own private workshop that can take place wherever you would like. Private workshops can travel to accommodate your group, conference, or event. Just ask!

414 Fayetteville St 4th floor, Raleigh, NC 27601

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Private workshops cost $150 for up to 6 people. 25$ more per extra person.

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