With Banks Dixon: 

Banks is the owner and operator of Frogs Hollow Outdoors, a paddlesports and adventure services outfitter, which has run trips throughout NC since 1998. Helping others have meaningful and positive experiences in the great outdoors is his passion. Banks has been guiding and instructing adventure and nature-based activities for over 25 years.


We will meet at the water 45 minutes to an hour prior to sunset to acquaint everyone with their boats and gear. Once we launch we’ll have a leisurely paddle to a prime location to watch the sun as it drops below the horizon. As the final glints of the sun have disappeared we will begin our slightly circuitous return paddle. As the light fades we’ll take in the sights and sounds of the water after dark in this relaxing and fun experience.

4540 Redwood Road Durham, NC, 27704, United States

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Private Bookings Available

Book a private paddle trip of your own for a small gathering of friends or a group activity! Paddle trips resume each year in early April and continue until late November. Start times vary depending on the time of sunset throughout the year. Please include the size of your group and preferred dates in your inquiry.


$42.50 per person for publicly scheduled paddle tours. Private booking price varies with group size, see below…

1 person – $280/person
2-3 people – $109/person
4-5 people – $78/person
6-9 people – $67/person
10-14 people – $56/person
15-19 people – $54/person
20-24 people – $50/person
25+ people – $45/person

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