Explore the techniques of shaping wood through spoon carving. Using hand tools such as spokeshaves, carving gouges, knives, files, and rasps you will be able to achieve a spoon shape of your original design. After shaping we will discuss sanding and finishing techniques. Please note that 3 hours might not be enough time for everyone to fully complete their spoon.

Here you will have the opportunity to learn in an environment where there are no grades.

Jason Pak Swienckowski is an artist specializing in pottery and woodworking living in Raleigh, NC. His studio is on a farm next to Lake Wheeler in South Raleigh. He prefers to use locally sourced materials whenever he can and is passionate about craft traditions, herbalism, and tasty food. After earning his degree in Fibers and Textile at NC State University’s College of Design, he has spent most of his time continuing his education in woodcraft and pottery, taking classes and working at a variety of craft schools on the east coast. His work reflects the natural beauty inherent in our surroundings, and he is strongly influenced by Korean woodworking and southern folk pottery. Jason loves sharing his knowledge and asking questions, and is looking forward to a lifetime of continued learning.

Lake Wheeler

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Upcoming Events

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